Bruno Outsider Lift(ASL-250B)

Designed for power wheelchairs or scooters on the outside of a vehicle resulting in no structural modifications to the vehicle and works with mini-vans, SUVs, CUVs, trucks, full-size vans and some sedans and fits Class II or III trailer hitches. Easy drive on/off platform which is adjustable to fit your wheelchair and/or scooter. Comes with 3 retractable belts. The SWING-AWAY makes for easy access to rear hatch ,trunk or bed of pick-up. 3 retractable hold-down belts included. Vertical adjustment : 7”-19” height. Lifting Capacity: 350 lb

$2095.00 excluding installation.


Bruno Outsider Micro Scooter Lift

This lift is a light-weight exterior scooter lift capable of lifting your 145 lbs 3-wheel travel scooter featuring power raise/lower, manual platform fold when lift is not in use, convenient control arm and potential to re-install in applicable vehicle. A great lift for SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans.

$1249.00 excluding installation.


Power Roll-a-Ramp

7’ X 30” Ramp will support 1000 lbs with push button control. Installs without costly modifications to the vehicle. This will fit in any full-size van in the side or rear.

$3325.00 excluding installation.


  • Lifts
  • Scooter/Wheelchair Lifts and Carriers
  • Hand Controls and Driving Aids
  • Restraint Systems