Patchworkstoff Muster

And lastly, a yardage conversion chart, which is really helpful when you need to convert a pattern’s units of measurement. I use this all the time when working with or on patterns! Quilts can be made from a variety of different textiles – but today many quilters work with quilting fabric. What exactly is quilting fabric? As the name implies, it’s mainly designed for patchwork and quiltmaking, but can also be used for garments or accessories. Quilting fabric is high quality, printed or solid cotton fabric, often offered in fabric collections: a selection of color-coordinating prints, with a mix of scale and patterns. Most collections include 7-10 prints that come in 2-3 colorways. There’s the main print, usually a colorful large scale print, several smaller scale prints and basic or geometric prints that are designed to coordinate with the main print. Fabric collections made up of matching and coordinating prints can help take the quesswork out of choosing fabric, which beginners often struggle with. The main idea is, that you are able to create a beautiful, versatile quilt, using fabrics from only one collection. Many fabric manufacturers work with liscensed artists and designers who create 1-3 fabric collections per year, designed in their recognizable signature style. Seit 2014 entwerfe ich Stoffkollektionen für den Patchworkstoff-Hersteller Riley Blake Designs. An meiner letzten Kollektion Arbor Blossom zeige ich dir jetzt, wie eine solche Stoffkollektion aufgebaut ist: Thank you for the wonderful explanation of how fabrics are designed to work together in the collection. I have never seen this explained before. It is awesome to understand the why behind all the various prints in the collection.

Nächste Woche unterhalten wir uns über Vlieseinlagen – bis dahin eine gute Zeit und schöne Ostern! Next week I’ll talk about batting. Until then, have a great time and Happy Easter! xo Nadra 2014 I started designing fabric for Riley Blake Designs and I will use my latest collection Arbor Blossom to show you how a fabric line is put together: And last a floral print which has a heart design element and pastel dots that are a perfect background print. Auf der Grafik unten siehst du, wie Patchworkstoffe üblicherweise zugeschnitten werden (Achtung: die Zentimeterangaben wurden auf die nächste ganze Zahl gerundet): Auf dem Bild oben siehst du die gesamte Kollektion. Das Farbkonzept beinhaltet sowohl kräftige, als auch sehr helle, pastellfarbene Töne. Das ist wichtig, um einen schönen Kontrast im Projekt erzielen zu können. Hier kannst du gut sehen, dass sich die einzelnen Farben in fast jedem Muster wiederfinden und somit einen harmonischen Gesamteindruck erzielen. Es können quasi alle einzelnen Stoffe miteinander kombiniert werden. The large scale floral print is the main print, all the other prints are built around. Next is a small scale geometric print, perfect for narrow borders or a quilt binding. The last one are tiny scale, non directional flowers that are perfect to show off the main print.

Here’s the entire collection. I used bright and saturated colors as well as very light and pastel ones. This is important to achieve contrast in your project.