Bruno Chariot

Known as a “lift on wheel”, the Chariot is a unique and relatively compact rear attachment for almost any small, mid-size or large car or sedan to store your unoccupied scooter or power wheelchair up to 350 lb. The CHARIOT has its own suspension to carry the load and will spin 360 degrees to keep it precisely in line with your car. Power up/down, adjustable platform fits most scooters & power wheelchairs.

$3750.00 including installation.


Bruno Outsider Lift(ASL-250B)

Designed for power wheelchairs or scooters on the outside of a vehicle resulting in no structural modifications to the vehicle and works with mini-vans, SUVs, CUVs, trucks, full-size vans and some sedans and fits Class II or III trailer hitches. Easy drive on/off platform which is adjustable to fit your wheelchair and/or scooter. Comes with 3 retractable belts. The SWING-AWAY makes for easy access to rear hatch ,trunk or bed of pick-up. 3 retractable hold-down belts included. Vertical adjustment : 7”-19” height. Lifting Capacity: 350 lb

$2095.00 excluding installation.


Bruno Outsider Micro Scooter Lift

This lift is a light-weight exterior scooter lift capable of lifting your 145 lbs 3-wheel travel scooter featuring power raise/lower, manual platform fold when lift is not in use, convenient control arm and potential to re-install in applicable vehicle. A great lift for SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans.

$1249.00 excluding installation.


Power Roll-a-Ramp

7’ X 30” Ramp will support 1000 lbs with push button control. Installs without costly modifications to the vehicle. This will fit in any full-size van in the side or rear.

$3325.00 excluding installation.


  • Lifts
  • Scooter/Wheelchair Lifts and Carriers
  • Hand Controls and Driving Aids
  • Restraint Systems